Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA is a technology of business process automation that performs repeating tasks, imitation of user actions on the graphical user interface level.

We offer our own solutions based on WorkFusion, UiPath and Automation Anywhere platforms.

How IBA Group can improve customer’s business processes with RPA?

Robots can be used when the actions are clearly specified, based on rules and do not require employees to make nonstandard decisions. Such tasks can be assigned to robots to increase the speed of work and reduce the number of employees. Robots can free employees from monotonous work, reducing human errors and saving more time for creative tasks.

IBA Group helps customer to automate processes sequentially: start with simple manual operations, proceed to business processes and get complex cognitive automation.

First step

At the initial stage IBA Group helps to analyse business processes and identify simple actions that can be automated with use of software robots capable of performing monotonous work with equally high efficiency 24 hours a day. Instead of employees robots can transfer data from one corporate system to another, fill out forms in applications, extract information from scanned paper copies, create client cards in CRM, update profiles, check the conformity of data to the source and send notifications.

Second step

At the next stage, software robots begin to interact with each other and people according to the rules of business processes. For example, an employee scans paper documents, robots extract data, enter it into corporate systems (SAP / Oracle) and fill in forms of internal applications. An employee controls the result and handles exceptions that a robot could not process.

Third step

The final stage is complex cognitive automation. Software robots solve business tasks quickly with minimal human participation, strictly following the specified sequences. Robots can work continuously without getting tired and almost do not make mistakes, which improves productivity.

An example of cognitive automation

A bank reduced outflow of debtors’ money by 20% with the help of set-off operations automation.

Task: a bank needs to speed up return of debts for card accounts, minimize risks and business process servicing costs. Customers do not timely return debts for one account while keeping money in other accounts of the same bank. Under the terms of contract, the bank may return the debt using the set-off operation to transfer money from another account of the debtor.

Problem: low speed of the business process, since the set-off operation is performed by several departments. Some employees form lists of debtors every day, others check the possibility of transferring money and draw up documents, while others transfer money from one account to another. While the bank prepares and executes the transfer, 20% of clients withdraw money from all accounts.

Solution: IBA Group automated part of the business process. Employees prepare lists of debtors, and then robot independently checks the possibility of money transfer and automatically performs the transfer operation without participation of employees in 90% of cases.

Result: Previously the set-off operation took one banking day, now it takes only 5-10 minutes and debtors cannot withdraw remaining money. The bank optimized the number of people in charge of the set-off operation and reduced the risk of money outflow.

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EmailBot: turnkey automation solution from IBA Group

EmailBot processes standard customer email inquiries, classifies email messages by the contents and automatically sends ready replies without participation of employees. If automatic reply cannot be provided, the robot redirects messages to employees, creates tickets in Jira and collects statistics by category of letters. EmailBot can be easily included into the primary customer communication procedure to gain a competitive advantage: robots sort messages faster, and people solve problems.

How RPA can improve business?

Virtual robots can increase work productivity and enhance the existing business processes without interruption. Robots are able to collect data from different applications, so the company does not have to perform expensive migration: information can be transferred from one corporate application to another in automatic mode without complex modifications.

Time for new projects

You take on a robot once so that it performs routine work for 365 days a year instead of a human worker. Employees will get time for new projects.

Labour productivity increase

Robots perform tasks 24/7 regardless the working hours, while the employees rest at home, are on sick leave or on vacation. Robots never get tired and do not require motivation to work.

Focus on key tasks

Employees spend less time on processes and perform more key tasks that have effect on the business.

Customer loyalty increase

Robots help to process large amount of inquiries, documents and data, to speed up interaction with customers and problem solving.

Data integration

Instead of performing expensive integration, you can keep collecting and transferring data from several corporate applications using software robots.


We are experts in implementation, support and maintenance of RPA-solutions developed by WorkFusion or other vendors.

We can help to choose right business process for automation and make first proof of concept.

We can fix the mistakes of your current robots from any vendor.

We can help you to create your own Center of Excellence.


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